Heretics and Rebels of one sort or another...

Timothy Leary Kurt Saxon
 Right-Wing Terrorist Manual 
Robert Anton Wilson Webgrrls International
 The Vaults of Erowid 
Adult Christianity The XXX Bible
 Heartless Bitches International 
Badasschick Magazine uggabugga
 Vomitus Maximus Museum 
Chilling Effects Clearinghouse The Memory Hole
 Institute for the Advancement of Violence 
Seemen Phrack
 Rogue Science 
Rip-Off Report Armed and Dangerous
 Open Letter to John Ashcroft 
 Free State Project 
2600 Emperor Norton
Evil Twin Booking Fire Flight
 Mind Freedom Online 
Public Knowledge Military Free Zone
 Bizarre Abyss 
I Love the Devil Industrial Workers of the World
 Masturbate for Peace 
The File Room suicide bomber barbie
 Tooth Fairies and Suicide Bombers 

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